"Shalom" is more than "peace".  It is a Hebrew word that refers to a wholeness, completeness, sound, or safety.  The picture in the Hebrew language is the destruction of the authority that causes chaos.


We are Shalomstead Farm.  We are a family dedicted to the seeking and building YHWH's Kingdom.  We believe and aim to live by the entirety of scripture including the the instructions (Torah) of YHWH as they were given to Moses and demonstrated by Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) while He was on Earth.  We see four major areas addressed in Scripture: Scriptural order in our home life, living in such a way that we are able to bless those around us, discipling (beginning with our own children), and the act of "avodah" (a Hebrew word that embodies the idea of worship through our work) by using our skills and talents in loving those around us.  Deuteronomy 6 makes it clear the responsibility begins at home.


Our Scriptural Note cards, greeting cards, prints, and t-shirts were created to encourage and edify the body of believers as well as those who are seeking Truth and those who have never heard the Gospel.  Through hand-drawn images and scripture, these have changed lives of some who can't even read, but can understand from a visual perspective the Truth, grace, love and power of God.

As we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness (Matt 6:33), our desire is to honor YHWH in all that we do.


We would love to hear from you.  If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Shalom, and blessings,




The Marlin Family